The MetamorphosisFranz Kafka 1915

Totals of The Metamorphosis

Total Words 20844
Prime words4052
Repetition rate5.14(each word is repeated 5.14 times by media)
Prime words are 19.44 %of the total words
*Prime words are the total of words in the text, without counting duplicates

Most repeated words in The Metamorphosis

thex 971tox 663andx 548hex 521hisx 461ofx 372wasx 352itx 308inx 304hadx 302thatx 294ax 254gregorx 237asx 214shex 175withx 165herx 159notx 157wouldx 154atx 149forx 148butx 147himx 146onx 129theyx 128allx 115roomx 107couldx 105bex 102fromx 100outx 99havex 97therex 87ifx 85fatherx 85sox 82beenx 82sisterx 79intox 74motherx 73thisx 72upx 70backx 69doorx 69nowx 69whatx 67thenx 66evenx 66didx 65werex 62

Most repeated words longer than 5 letters in The Metamorphosis

gregorx 237fatherx 85sisterx 79motherx 73himselfx 58littlex 42thoughtx 26familyx 26withoutx 26thoughx 25beforex 25lookedx 24wantedx 23everythingx 23againstx 22seemedx 21somethingx 21gentlemenx 21parentsx 21thingsx 21reallyx 20windowx 18longerx 17becausex 17throughx 17alreadyx 17aroundx 17eveningx 17morningx 16alwaysx 16slowlyx 16betterx 16althoughx 15herselfx 15behindx 15perhapsx 14coursex 14hardlyx 13almostx 13becamex 13openedx 13becomex 13livingx 13happenedx 12turnedx 12shouldx 12calledx 12nothingx 12possiblex 12immediatelyx 12

Most repeated words longer than 10 letters in The Metamorphosis

immediatelyx 12conversationx 4unfortunatelyx 4nonethelessx 4explanationx 3considerationx 3turnedroundx 3disappearedx 3outstretchedx 3conservatoryx 3experiencedx 3presenttatex 2forinstancex 2particularlyx 2understandingx 2wouldcertainlyx 2circumstancesx 2conclusionsx 2fortunatelyx 2stubbornnessx 2straightawayx 2concentrationx 2notunderstandx 2gregorfatherx 2opportunityx 2permanentlyx 2comfortablex 2suffocatingx 2sisterwouldx 2totaldespairx 2interruptedx 2appreciatedx 2improvementx 2himselfthatx 2entertainingx 2thefurniturex 2himselfagainstx 2indifferentx 2foundhimselfx 1transformedx 1stiffectionsx 1comparedwithx 1helookedwhatx 1peacefullybetweenx 1anillustratedx 1uprightraisingx 1viewergregorx 1weatherdropsx 1threwhimselfx 1flounderingx 1