The PrinceNiccolo Machiavelli 1513

Totals of The Prince

Total Words 43076
Prime words7805
Repetition rate5.52(each word is repeated 5.52 times by media)
Prime words are 18.12 %of the total words
*Prime words are the total of words in the text, without counting duplicates

Most repeated words in The Prince

thex 2269tox 1681andx 1459ofx 1316hex 752inx 748thatx 603ax 572hisx 469itx 453byx 402notx 398bex 364theyx 362withx 354himx 333forx 326isx 325havex 298whox 295wasx 280asx 268whichx 263thisx 259themx 250hadx 248onex 241arex 224butx 211theirx 189fromx 176sox 174orx 170thosex 166willx 166ix 161atx 157princex 154werex 153onx 149ifx 147whenx 147becausex 144allx 142wouldx 141youx 134menx 131beenx 127hasx 125morex 123

Most repeated words longer than 5 letters in The Prince

princex 154becausex 144castrucciox 114shouldx 103himselfx 92havingx 89peoplex 81againstx 71thereforex 62othersx 62alwaysx 62eitherx 60withoutx 56florentinesx 48princesx 47cannotx 47necessaryx 46fortunex 44soldiersx 44themselvesx 42thingsx 41consideredx 36beforex 34throughx 34afterwardsx 33francex 32friendsx 32althoughx 31anotherx 31countryx 31alexanderx 31messerx 30littlex 28whilstx 28becomex 28affairsx 25kingdomx 25acquiredx 24opportunityx 24entirelyx 24concerningx 24subjectsx 24cavalryx 24infantryx 24forcesx 24securex 23becamex 23difficultiesx 22neitherx 22reasonx 22

Most repeated words longer than 10 letters in The Prince

florentinesx 48opportunityx 24difficultiesx 22neverthelessx 20principalityx 15principalitiesx 14mercenariesx 12machiavellix 9enterprisesx 8auxiliariesx 8establishedx 7circumstancesx 6notwithstandingx 6foundationsx 6advantageousx 6extraordinaryx 5acquisitionx 5sufficientlyx 5satisfactionx 5theflorentinesx 5ghibellinesx 5ofcastrucciox 5magnificencex 4discontentedx 4malcontentsx 4exterminatedx 4carthaginiansx 4obligationsx 4illustriousx 4principality;x 4possessionsx 3maintainingx 3theirformerx 3friendshipsx 3aggrandizedx 3considerationx 3thedifficultiesx 3isnecessaryx 3accomplishedx 3accompaniedx 3deliberatelyx 3ecclesiasticalx 3contributedx 3particularlyx 3characteristicsx 3recognizingx 3necessaryforx 3conspiratorx 3desperationx 3distinguishedx 3