The Republic Plato 380 BC

Totals of The Republic

Total Words 106884
Prime words16422
Repetition rate6.51(each word is repeated 6.51 times by media)
Prime words are 15.36 %of the total words
*Prime words are the total of words in the text, without counting duplicates

Most repeated words in The Republic

thex 6038andx 4373ofx 4039tox 2911isx 2232inx 1868hex 1861ax 1768bex 1627thatx 1549ix 1252notx 1198whichx 1145arex 1121willx 981orx 981youx 979theyx 965wex 812asx 805havex 728saidx 653butx 608hisx 581whox 565forx 564themx 562byx 535theirx 514onex 492ifx 483withx 472whatx 460thisx 454allx 424atx 418dox 405whenx 403therex 393hasx 385anyx 379otherx 358mayx 352wouldx 340goodx 308nox 307himx 306fromx 301thenx 299manx 298

Most repeated words longer than 5 letters in The Republic

shouldx 270anotherx 173justicex 152naturex 145whetherx 142thingsx 119knowledgex 113repliedx 98thereforex 90havingx 88himselfx 86betterx 84eitherx 84reasonx 84becausex 82sayingx 82injusticex 82supposex 81unjustx 80othersx 79cannotx 74nothingx 73alwaysx 69opinionx 69saidandx 68questionx 67principlex 62mannerx 61ratherx 61friendx 61guardiansx 59anythingx 57beforex 57rulersx 55againstx 54childrenx 53greatestx 53virtuex 53answerx 52themselvesx 52neitherx 51likelyx 51pleasuresx 50glauconx 49greaterx 49pleasurex 49desirex 49socratesx 47citizensx 46desiresx 45

Most repeated words longer than 10 letters in The Republic

thrasymachusx 34philosopherx 22individualsx 20constitutionx 19understandingx 15repliedthenx 14intermediatex 14philosophersx 14oligarchicalx 14acknowledgex 12possibilityx 12polemarchusx 11subjectmatterx 9wellorderedx 9intelligencex 9necessarilyx 8distinguishx 8democraticalx 8accomplishedx 7circumstancesx 7acquisitionx 6acknowledgedx 6distinguishedx 6superiorityx 6illustrationx 6auxiliariesx 6ofknowledgex 6correspondingx 6calculationx 6andthereforex 5injusticeandx 5theargumentx 5satisfactoryx 5repliedwellx 5appearancesx 5constitutedx 5contradictionx 5combinationx 5intemperancex 5extraordinaryx 5philosophicalx 5consequencex 5satisfactionx 5differencesx 5characteristicx 4theinterestx 4governmentsx 4intelligiblex 4advantageousx 4certainlyandx 4